Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Series: Munchflower Zaius

Munchflower Zaius of Nomine (images c. 2009 by Munchflower)

On the day of the dead, when the year too dies,
Must the youngest open the oldest hills
Through the door of the birds, where the breeze breaks.
There fire shall fly from the raven boy,
And the silver eyes that see the wind,
And the light shall have the harp of gold.

By the pleasant lake the Sleepers lie,
On Cadfan’s Way where the kestrels call;
Though grim from the Grey King shadows fall,
Yet singing the golden harp shall guide
To break their sleep and bid them ride.

When light from the lost land shall return,
Six Sleepers shall ride, six Signs shall burn,
And where the midsummer tree grows tall
By Pendragon’s sword the Dark shall fall.

Y maent yr mynyddoedd yn canu,
ac y mae’r arglwyddes yn dod."

-- Susan Cooper


***Hood: Illusions
***Coat: Brood - Refuge
***Bracers: Catnip
***Undergarments: INDI Designs sister mary james
***Skin: Not fer sale item by Munchflower


Winter Jefferson said...

You sent me back to my childhood with that poem, Ach. I'm still recovering from that travesty of a movie, though.

And Munch is made of 17 shades of awesome.

Heather said...

wow that skin is amazing!