Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Series: Faery Sola

Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe (Image c. 2009 Faery Sola)

Where are the bay-leaves, Thestylis, and the charms?
Fetch all; with fiery wool the caldron crown;
Let glamour win me back my false lord's heart!
Twelve days the wretch hath not come nigh to me,
Nor made enquiry if I die or live,
Nor clamoured (oh unkindness!) at my door.
So shine out fair, O moon! To thee I sing
My soft low song: to thee and Hecate
The dweller in the shades, at whose approach
E'en the dogs quake, as on she moves through blood
And darkness and the barrows of the slain.
All hail, dread Hecate: companion me
Unto the end, and work me witcheries
Potent as Circe or Medea wrought,
Or Perimede of the golden hair!

-- Theocritus

***Outfit and skin by Flipside - ::FlipSide:: Dark Seductress - Halloween Special
***Hair - *FM*  Two Hearts Burgandy
***Boots - [0N] Wo Boots (w/resize scripts)
***Stockings - *blowpop* Fishnet Stockings
***Hairsticks - :+:SS:+: Spider Hair Sticks
***Pose - 5ifth Order - BirdOprey01_Jump01 ... from the  "Copper~N~Cloves" the Regent Revenant 01 - HUD set

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