Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Series: Belochka Shostakovich

Werewolf Halloween
Belochka Shostakovich of Painted Lily (Image c. 2009 by Belochka)

To counteract last night's vampire, Belochka is our first werewolf! Where's my Team Jacob shirt?!

In vain he attempted to speak; from that very instant
His jaws were bespluttered with foam, and only he thirsted
For blood, as he raged amongst flocks and panted for slaughter.
His vesture was changed into hair, his limbs became crooked;
A wolf,--he retains yet large trace of his ancient expression,
Hoary he is as afore, his countenance rabid,
His eyes glitter savagely still, the picture of fury.

-- Ovid's Metamorphosis

Photo Credits:
***Skin, shape and eyes all from Fallen Gods Inc. Skin: Fur in Cyan - War. Shape: Hybrid Female. Eyes: Elemental - Cat Eye Red
***Hair - Wasabi Pills: Werewolf Hair Female in Cyan.
***Ears and Claws - Rebel Xtravaganza: Werewolf Decorated Ears. Female Claws.
***Clothing - BareRose: Nightgazer in Blue.
***Oh and the Lazy Places Tentacle chairs!

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