Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bodysuits and pointy things


I love blowpop's skins
These pointy dreads from Sari
And the bodysuits.

50L Friday
Is genuinely awesome:
This Kookie suit proves!

~momo's~ bodysuit
Is quirky and well-made fun
For a cute demon.

(Horrible haiku, isn't it! :D <3 Acha)



***Tail: The Stringer Mausoleum Demon Parts - Volant Tail - Black
***Tattoo: Bleeding Ink Tattoo Henna C, Atomic Lucky Basterd
***Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth tone C 10.1 Vapor 1 group gift, tone B 10.2 Vapor 2
***Bodysuit: *Kookie* 50L Friday Hallows bodysuit, ~momo~ rainy jumpsuit in black
***Hair: Sari's ♥ Squared Dreads Blond
***Earrings, necklace: Illusions Varda Rose set
***Horns: /Wasabi Pills/ Inferno Horns
***Boots: Lazy Places Myth Boots Centaur Hallows
***Eyes: Ruin Thaumaturge SE Alchemist Magic

1 comment:

someone somewhere said...

You sneaky! You look good in those eyes ;P (along with everything else you wear!)