Saturday, September 5, 2009

Something vaguely normal looking


Ever notice that when you stop doing something bad for you for a while (like drink a mocha every day), doing it again makes your body feel blech? I've got my super-saturated iced coffee in front of me, and all I want is a nice hot mint tea. Darn.

I've got a few more things to share today. First, (Medley) is a new shop in Thibedeau. I'm wearing a nicely understated skin from this shop, as well as those super-skinny grey pants. One can never have to many tight 80s jeans (hell, I wish I still had the chic jeans I wore in junior high), and these fit the bill nicely. I've also got on a new shirt from ~momo~ that echoes the 80s style in the high-drawn waist and big sleeves. I'm waiting for my shoulderpads... (SLURL to Medley) (SLURL to ~momo~). Oh yes, and that neato color-scripted set of headphones for the ears and neck are from Mr. Noam. (SLURL to Gritty Kitty)

Finally, the jewelry and shoes are extremely cheap items from the labor day sale at Carwash. What a great sale! I went and made out like a bandit on boots from Sentou Yousei and this jewelry from U&R Dogs. (See the post about the jewelry at Beanie's blog!)


(More SLURLs here)
***Hair: Junwave Misa*black
***Hair ribbon: H+K Lolita Ribbon
***Tattoo: ~momo~ candyfilled tattoo
***Skin: (Medley) Kiri - NeverSeesSun - purple cateye
***Pants: (Medley) Super Skinnies - Grey
***Shoes: *BF* Saints SY Blue - Carwash sale item
***Earrings: U&R Dogs blue Pierce (DOT) -- Carwash sale item
***Bracelet: U&R Dogs Gondoliera Bracelet - Carwash sale item
***Headphones: Gritty Kitty Graphic Headphones (color scripted)
***Shirt: ~momo~ love top gray

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