Friday, September 25, 2009

S&S Expo: Rockberry and Silhouette


Who the heck is this?! I'm going to look vastly different all weekend ...

It took me forever to dress this morning because I'm in a new shape! This is the Lacey shape by Silhouette, and the wide-spaced eyes totally put me in mind of a certain lovely blogger. Therefore, I decided to dress in her style today. To me, this style has a few elements: lots of chunky torso attachments to add bulk to the skinny frame, socks (usually knee), shoes with a unique line, and something interesting to draw the eye, like a funky scarf or bag. I don't think I quite have the artistry with this as Miss Bloggerpants does, but when in Rome... The long limbs are kinda fascinating to photograph. I'm used to an itsy bitsy avatar, and this was a fun stretch (bad pun :p) for me.

I'm also in a new bunch o' skins by Rockberry. Rockberry doesn't always suit my normal shape, but I really love how the shadow is emphasized on these skins, adding drama to the narrow, wide-set eyes. I think it gives this long avatar an intelligent expression and a bit of an amused twinkle. The expo opens tomorrow. (Sept. 26 - Oct. 9).



Soon to be seen at the Skin and Shape Expo (more info here):
***SHAPE: Silhouette Shape: Lacey
***SKINS: Rockberry Farrah F Dark, Farrah D tan, Farrah C Light, Farrah A natural

(More SLURLs here)
***Jewelry: Sable Rose Bonibaru jewelry set in (zen), bangles, earrings, nose ring
***Scarf: Paper Couture fabric bead scarf necklace
***Socks: So Many Styles Knitted Socks Black
***Dress: The Closet Gauze Dress Pink
***Shoes: Periquita Funny Girl Flats
***Hair: BettiePage spring short bob2/sakura1

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