Monday, September 21, 2009

Rebel Rebel


Tsk. I guess it's a paeon to talent when someone decides to copy your entire store, eh? Cajsa asked bloggers to represent Rebel Hope in light of the recent horrific copybotting that happened to her shop. I love Rebel Hope's outfits, from the neat little wedding sheaths to the sleekly made suits -- they're more than worth the paltry few US dollars you pay for them. This dress was my first purchase from Rebel Hope. It's still in my inventory two years later (as a little white dress, it's perfect on many occasions), and I've never regretted the purchase. SLURL to Rebel Hope.


***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Coronis Ivory
***Skin: Plastik Miliana - CinnamonRoll - Purple
***Shoes: ~ First Flower ~ Witch-Hazel II Blush
***Dress: Rebel Hope Designs Taylor Mini
***Tattoo: Rainbow Chaiser Bloody Rose tattoo
***Jewelry: U&R Dogs Petit Bolero Pierces
***Necklace: AddiCt bubble gum bow necklace
***Eyes: Endeavor twinkle eyes

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