Saturday, September 5, 2009



Some days, you just gotta be a demonic auto mechanic. Beanie Canning IM'd me this morning squeaking happily about 19 (Onenine). This shop has the infamous and awesome motorcycle, but it also has a bunch of other things, including a board of freebies (the hat, necklace and cigarette that I'm sporting) and these (not free) super-awesome coveralls. Beanie asked if I'd write about some Onenine stuff too, and I happily agreed -- I love this shop. Beanie's post about Onenine is over here, and she links to the creator's blog, which I'm about to go stalk... (SLURL to Onenine)

The rest of my outfit is the result of various acquisitions from yesterday. The skin is from Frick's Demonology Hunt offering, as are the eyes. -- I really adore this skin. It goes well with my horns and bracelets, which are brand-new from (Silver Wheel). Now I just need some demonic arse-crack and I'm all set to work on your wheels! (SLURL to Silver Wheel), (SLURL to Frick)


(More SLURLs here)
***Shoes: Akeyo chucks - skulley
***Overalls: Onenine Coverall Red
***Bracelets: Silver Wheel Undertaker
***Horns: Silver Wheel Ram Horns (nose)
***Tattoos: Kanival Tattoo 84. chaos blood
***Hair: EkoEko Slug (japanese black)
***Skin: Frick Nemesis Goth / Nemesis eyes red - Demonology hunt item
***Hat: Onenine-cap-newero (store freebie)
***Necklace: Onenine-necklace-ladies (store freebie)

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