Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On one foot


Nuala wafted a box of something in my direction. Ooh, I thought to myself, jewelry! But no, I opened up the box and saw every blogg0r's delight, poses! Kunstkammer has a range of poses now called Contrapposto. Of course I had to google this term: a human figure standing with most of its weight on one foot so that its shoulders and arms twist off-axis from the hips and legs. Awrighty then. The classical lines of the poses really do echo Greek art, complete with the natural slouch of the shoulders and stylized arms. Adorning my statue-like avatar is a new sweater from ~momo~, perfect in its 80s puffiness. SLURLs below!



***Poses: Kunstkammer Contrapposto series
***Eyes: Beloved Obsidian Eyes - large
***Nails: Schadenfreude pink glitter manicure
***Piercing: FlipSide Mouth attach 6
***Socks: theBunker lolita masako heartsocks_rose
***Necklace 1: *katat0nik* Locked Heart Choker
***Sweater: ~momo~ shortcake sweater red
***Tattoos: ~momo~ LovelySkulls tattoos
***Hair: Zero Style Yaya (dark copper)
***Overalls: Niniko Hickory Overall_miniskirt
***Bracelets: (Silver Wheel) Undertaker
***Boots: LadyBug Kawaii LadyBug Boots
***Earrings/Necklace2: NC+ Pendant09 crown/Pierce08 Crown
***Skin: MiaSnow Skin Rainbow goth 1 dk brow [a]

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