Monday, September 28, 2009

Nymphetamine take deux


Oh noes, I'm posting in the same outfit twice! My first try with this Nymphetamine dress was in a shape and skin by GeEs, and because a few people have wanted to see ME again, this version is in as typical and Acha shape and skin as I own. I'm going to be missing out on October this year. *sigh*, so these last few days of September, I'm going to rock out with my pumpkins out.

Yes, friends and foes, I'll be on hiatus in October trying to put a big dent in my dissertation. (Dint in my densertation?) That means I'll be removing Second Life from my dock and ceasing to blog all month. *snuffle* Don't forget me, awright? In the words of a certain governor, I'll be Bach.


(More SLURLs here)
***Boobs: Ayumi cleavage 2.6 grayscale
***Hair: Kiss - Lily Medium - Midnight
***Skin: Boneflower Designs Deathly F Ebon Twilight Stalker
***Monocle: Guild of Crie Monokel dark knight clock
***Bracelet: Perturb/ation suggestive bracelet black
***Crown: Perturb/ation wink crown in white
***Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ crowjane tattoos upper
***Dress: Nymphetamine Tre'Lace Formal Dress
***Shape: Ellabella Achariya shape
***Staff: katat0nik pumpkin staff from last halloween
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