Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jewelry Expo: Puarangi and Magpie*


If I only had a brain... I was humming this song when I donned the Limited Edition Tin Man necklace (above) and ruby slipper earrings from Puarangi Designs. There's always a good reason to wear a charming necklace like this one, especially on those low-brain days! It comes from Hibiscus Flossberg's Puarangi Designs, (at Winter Booth 1).

I'm always delighted when a blogger turns designer, and I adore the items that the talented blogger Nissa Nightfire sent from her Magpie* jewelry line. The colors are bright and the designs are eye-catching and carefully rendered. Below are her Beaded Key Necklace in green-purple, Gear earrings in black-red and orange-pink, and Gear flower collar in ruby-black and orange-pink. You can find them (at Autumn Booth 4).


(More SLURLs here)
***Skins: B@R Mannequin skin in black/grey with mannequin hair (for the black photo
***Outfits: MichaMi Carmela Bustier in Black / Anouka jumpsuit in grey
***Grey hair: Novocaine Antoinette in grey

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Nissa Nightfire said...

awww .. thanks!! /me blows you kisses~