Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jewelry Expo Preview: Shine and Bliensen+MaiTai

Shine's new necklaces and earrings

Today I bring you more sparkly things (and I'm not talking about Winter's personal massager). These items are by Shine (above) and Bliensen+MaiTai (below) for the Jewelry Expo (happening September 18-27). Shine has produced two gorgeous necklaces, the Geheimnis (left) and Sassafras set (right). Both sets fit the neck perfectly, dropping in thick, eye-catching loops to gather asymmetrically in pretty clasps. The Geheimnis necklace is even a dollarbie! (Brandy, you're nuts!)

Below are some of the many combinations of the new sets from Bliensen+MaiTai. The Naiade set (below, top picture, left) has pearls, chains and leaf-shaped gemstones descending from the ears and wrist and neck... This set too is asymmetrical, a slide of leaves for your inner fae. The Polly's embroidery set (below, top picture, right) in -colors- has such pretty vintage prints on the cameos that you've got to zoom in for a closeup. The Hilde's embroidery set (scripted) comes with color-changing bits, and both of these have bracelets that go with them. More gorgeous work from Plurabelle! (Both the embroidery sets come with scripted and -color- options, and bracelets. It's just hard to show it all!)

Good luck tomorrow, jewelers! (And ohoho, a Violet Voltaire preview later tonight.)



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