Friday, September 4, 2009

Glitter everywhere


So then I took all the same designers as my last post and wore different kinds of stuff from them. I kind of like this look -- reminds me even more of Joan of Arc, for some reason. Maybe it's the stylized Wild O hair, or the elaborate braiding on the frock? I don't know, but this was a fun exercise.

Now back to the child, whom I see has broken out the art supplies. Including the glitter...damn. The house is going to sparkle for days.


***Hair: Wild O Juliet black w/ Juliet hairpiece
***Skin: Pink Fuel Raine Intoxicate
***Tattoo: Kanival Tattoo 84. Chaos Blood
***Boots: Gbberish La Jalousie Boots (betwitched)
***Dress: Zephi's shop Gold Red Gothic Dress

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Winter Jefferson said...

*Sparkles for you instead.*