Thursday, September 3, 2009

Foxy Orange


Alexiel was kind enough to send me a review of her Red Vixen skin. I really love the markings on the face of this cute fops, and the ears and tail move with a will of their own. Also with this outfit I've got on Ezura's new leather strapped outfit in black -- something simple for such a vivid skin. The hair is from House of Munster -- come back soon, ok guys? I miss you.

Forgive me for being short on words today. The school term has begun, and I'm caught up in a mess of teaching. Some of the stories...heh. Apparently one of my students bought a pirated copy of the textbook, complete with a xeroxed publication page and stolen cover. Not the right edition at all, quite amazing!


***Hair: House of Munster Fluffeh *black and white*
***Outfit: ezura Leather Strapped Outfit *black
***Boots: TESLA Absolute Boots in black
***Bracelets: LouLou & Co Bracelets Nostalgia blck
***Skin: 3rd Wing Red Vixen set - skin, ears, tail
***Piercings: Otaku Designs heart attack facial piercings

new build :D
Bonus photo! hyasynth and I are in the new ~silentsparrow~ build, to debut shortly...


Beanie Canning said...

Omg fabulous look and fab pics, Acha. You are sooooooo amazing!


Auntykuro said...

aw, you like it? cool ^.^

Alexiel Magnolia said...

The skin looks great on you! Glad you like it :)

Severina said...

awww *hugs Acha n hya n Brackle* <3