Friday, September 11, 2009

Foxeh ladies


Arianrhod Ghelbard poked at me. "Been by Slanted Fox for the 1L sale yet?" she asked. I'd been meaning to go, but somehow things happened and stuff occurred and I never made my way there. "Well, if you go, I'll show you the outfit that I made from stuff from there! I'm kind of proud of it." I always love seeing Arianrhod's style. She's boyish and girlish and punk and chique (and my god she's got a lot of attachments), and indeed, I dug this outfit. I even got out my elf ears for her! (SLURL to Slanted Fox)



Arianrhod Ghelbard:
***shape: custom
***skin: 42 - Goth Whites 1
***hair: The Stringer Mausoleum - Ruina v1 in Thunderbird
***eyes: House of Ruin - Felid in Whiteout (in the process of remodeling)
***ears: SLink - Sachara Elf Ears Long (custom jewelry)
***goggles: Forsaken - cyber goggles
***neck: Silver Wheel - Double Inverted Choker
***moar neck: Sn@tch - Red Pentacle Necktie
***top: Slanted Fox - Onigiri top
***left arm: OMFG - Rustic Winged Gauntlet (store is gone for good)
***moar left arm: Sn@tch - Dirty Biker Cuff in black
***right arm : Silver Wheel - Constrictor Cuff
***gloves: Roadkill - Tape Gloves
***ink: Garden of Ku - Al Uzza
***pants & belt: Slanted Fox - Jrock Love Shorts in red
***socks: Sn@tch - Hazard socks in aqua
***shoes: UBU - Drunks
***mouth piercings: (Silver Wheel) Puncture

***Bracelets: (Silver Wheel) Undertaker
***Boots: Edge Grafica Engineer Boots
***Socks: Vitamen Men's SockGarter with black socks
***Shorts: Slanted Fox Haiku Jrock love shorts - orange
***Shirt and shoulder prim thingies and hat: Slanted Fox Holy Relic Uniform
***Skin and ears: Plastik BaelElven Spec.Ed.Apricot-NewYork, Common Elven Ears
***Hair: SLink Rosie Style 3


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fuck yeah, HAIR! :D

Both of you ladies look fabulously delicious! yum!

(and thanks so much for the mention!)