Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A flickr of an eye

Random photo of one of my alts

As I was poking around in Flickr today, I realized that I've been very remiss! I'm an administrator for the Katat0nik Flickr group, and I haven't added anyone's photo in a long-arse time. Please, if you've photographed yourself in Katat0nik recently, add your photo to the group:

***Katat0nik Flickr Group

Then I realized that somehow I'm an admin for the Bare Rose group too. How did that happen? I think it reverted to me when the next oldest group member dropped. Everyone add photos to this group too, okay!

***Bare@Rose Flickr Group

I noticed that the following Flickr groups on my list are a bit under-loved, so I thought I'd pimp them as well. Please go give some love to these groups!

***Draconic Kiss Flickr Group
***Curious Kitties Flickr Group
***/artilleri/ Flickr Group
***Schadenfreude Flickr Group
***Hat Mechanic Flickr Group
***~silentsparrow~ Flickr Group.

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