Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogger challenge: I Spy


Maaaaan. You don't know what issues I went through to bring you my interpretation of a spy for Marni's ISPY challenge -- in this case, I decided to be a Bond Girl. What's with the funky lighting for these photos? First, because of a water photography bug, I had to install Emerald Viewer. It had none of my lighting presets, so I used one of the funky ones... I like these presets for the environmental effects, but the light doesn't do much for the avatar.

Then, these pictures are low quality because Macintoshes can't take more than screen-sized photos in Emerald... ARGH, I say. At any rate, it was fun to realize my vision. One thing perplexes me about the image of a bond girl in a bikini and thigh holster -- isn't it bad to get guns wet? Perhaps I shoulda worn a knife.


***Hair: TekuTeku flow (jet blak)
***Gun: Glock leg holster .22 (Xstreet)
***Bikini top: B!tch white bikini (Xstreet)
***Bikini bottom: Punked bikini shorts white (Xstreet)
***Skin: Tuli Hope (goth) natural PU, group gift


Allegory Malaprop said...

*tries to lure the Bond girl over to the side of eeeeeevil*

You can port your WL settings over by copying the new ones you've saved and dumping them in the proper directory- on the PC it's app_settings/windlight. (I port over my WL settings including my day settings by copying and dumping on new installs now, so much faster than setting up the day cycle by hand...I'm a little used to install, futz with files, _then_ run every time I update/switch viewers for other reasons too!)

Auntykuro said...

the issue with macs is that you can't even do this for windlight in the normal viewer -- i had to manually enter the light settings, couldn't just drag 'em. if it's different for mac/emerald, i'd be glad to download the settings i want and stick them in the directory.

really they should just fix the damned viewer/water issue =_=

Adam P. Knave said...

Just because I happen to know this...

Unless the gun uses open gunpower, it will fire fine when wet. Modern bullets and such are fine and generally fairly waterproof. The gun might rust if it isn't dried and cleaned though.