Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogger challenge: I Spy


Maaaaan. You don't know what issues I went through to bring you my interpretation of a spy for Marni's ISPY challenge -- in this case, I decided to be a Bond Girl. What's with the funky lighting for these photos? First, because of a water photography bug, I had to install Emerald Viewer. It had none of my lighting presets, so I used one of the funky ones... I like these presets for the environmental effects, but the light doesn't do much for the avatar.

Then, these pictures are low quality because Macintoshes can't take more than screen-sized photos in Emerald... ARGH, I say. At any rate, it was fun to realize my vision. One thing perplexes me about the image of a bond girl in a bikini and thigh holster -- isn't it bad to get guns wet? Perhaps I shoulda worn a knife.


***Hair: TekuTeku flow (jet blak)
***Gun: Glock leg holster .22 (Xstreet)
***Bikini top: B!tch white bikini (Xstreet)
***Bikini bottom: Punked bikini shorts white (Xstreet)
***Skin: Tuli Hope (goth) natural PU, group gift
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