Sunday, September 13, 2009

Apples and a juicebox


This morning I was the happy recipient of a bunch of new stuff from !Ohmai, a shop by my talented fellow blogger Anya Ohmai. Her clothing shop is in Creator's Pavilion, a primarily Japanese sim, and I can tell why. Her sensibility is sculpted and light and baggy and high-waisted and 80s-inspired in the cutest possible ways, very much in line with current trends in Japanese fashion. (SLURL to !Ohmai)

I put a Steampunk spin on these clothes and added some scarves from the new scarf, purse and belt shop named Puddles. I like the flyaway line of these scarves, and the soft colors. My avvie is all set to jet off in her airship... (SLURL to Puddles).

I haven't entered this yet, but Teagan has put out a Science Fiction blogger challenge -- her outfit is really evocative. C'mon Grady Echegaray, I know you wanna.



(More SLURLs here)
***Boots: J's goth ribbon laceupboots (brown)
***Hat and goggles: Hat Mechanic Stitched Medusa
***Tights: petit Ange knit tights brown
***Tattoo: Sprawl the Sprocket (ancient)
***Dresses: !Ohmai Miss Thumbelina [gildedgold], Emma's Ruffles [coffeecompany]
***Scarves: Puddles Montreal scarf rosy, Halifax scarf stone
***Skin: Plastik baelelven-spec.ed.apricot-nouveau

Bonus Photo! Ulaa Coronet, waiting for the ~silentsparrow~ lucky bird

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anya.ohmai said...

<3 I love you to bits :) thank you so much!!