Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10L from Tea Lane


Hm. I was feeling vaguely neko (meaning, I totally neglected to put on ears and a tail), so I put on this skin. Mew? ...I'm wearing it with shitkicking boots, which are a necessary neko accessory, and an [Atomic] tanktop and hair. These items are all set off by a 10L dress from Tea Lane -- the Charcoal Cynthia dress, on sale for the Carwash labor day event. So monochromatic, except for that splash of bright red! I really like the texturing on the bodice of this dress, and I also like the lace overlaying the neatly-made skirts. Nice job, women! (SLURL to the Carwash labor day sale).


(More SLURLs here)
***Skin: Nomine WL Neko
***Pierce: FlipSide Mouth Attach 14
***Choker: Schadenfreude Jerry's Lament choker
***Boots: Zero Number Wo Boots
***Eyes: Hal*Hina eyes-black (L)
***Hair: Atomic hair bryan - midnight
***Tank under dress: Atomic shredded tank antique
***Armband: Perturb/ation ToRiCo armlet (black)
***Dress: Tea Lane Charcoal Cynthia (10L!) for the Carwash labor day sale

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