Monday, August 31, 2009

Worlds collide


I feel so sheepish today. In my second class of the day, Speech, a very nice young student came in and stared at me thoughtfully. "Do you do art?" She asked.

"...Er. What kind of art?"

She began to describe this website. "I googled your name, and this came up," she said.

Heh. At least this is a simple paon to Second Life fashion, and not something horribly weird! Makes me remember that online and offline lives collide often -- one is really just the extension of the other. So hello, students! Welcome to my hobby. I hope this isn't too strange...

For today's slice of homage, I'm wearing so many awesome colors. Plastik released new Bael skins that come with amazing ears. This one is the Candy color, and I wore it especially because it matched this new tape outfit from ~momo~. ~momo's~ been on a theme lately, if the last vinyl (record, not material) outfit was any indication! Topping (bottoming?) it off are the new Absolute Boots from Tesla in this vivid shade of yellow. I look so 80s fey!


***Eyes: Tekuteku eko-eyes (wine) store freebie
***Hair: Kurotsubaki hair heart-Q-pink
***Shoes: TESLA Absolute Boots in *yellow*
***Skin/ears: Plastik Rage Elven Ears in Candy / BaelElven - Candy - Cateye
***Outfit: ~momo~ LeCasette in pink
***Wreath: Flower Power Daffodil wreath

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