Sunday, August 9, 2009

That tender light


I spotted this outfit by Ezura and thought, ooh, bet that would suit Acha. And lo, it does -- she looks like a Steampunk princess in Ezura's Steampunk Venustas outfit. This is the 'erotic' version, and it comes in lots of different outfit options, including a few ruffly tails that I haven't shown. I really like the contrast of the bone-colored jacket and leathery corset, and the little ruffles around the thighs.

I have princesses on my mind because of a small trip I took yesterday to Disney. You know, it was more fun than I thought. I guess seeing it through the eyes of a four-year-old brought it to life for me, even old saws like Small World. It's amazing how nice it can be when a toddler is singing along.

Plastik skins have convinced me to go dark. I love the shading on the Miliana skins, and the makeups too. Aikea really knows how to make this shade gorgeous. Thanks to Fab Renee for pointing out this free hair from Sari's -- I actually bought several styles of dreads while in the shop, nice stuff. The boots are M'z, from the watermelon hunt.



***Earrings: Spica Old Key Earrings
***Piercings: FlipSide Piercings Mouth attach 13, Nose attach 1
***Boots: M'z lace up boots B.H. Ivory - Watermelon hunt gift
***Hair: Sari's Short n Sweet Dreads - Brown - store freebie
***Outfit: ezura Steampunk Venustas *Erotic set (SLURL to Ezura)
***Necklace: mocha Antique Necklace Key
***Skin: Plastik Miliana Dryad (deco) - Diamond Dust
***Eyes: Plastik Miliana - Yellow


Renee Lowenhart said...

Glad you found the hair!

Anonymous said...

weeeeeeeeeee!! What a FANTABULOUS Steampunk Princess!! You make the outfit look so much better! Thank you so much and I'm so glad you spotted it. Nice blog, nice writing and AWESOME pictures!! What a talent! \(^o^)/