Tuesday, August 4, 2009



Fade Dana made another "hat." This one is called King Bear, and comes with a clawed mantle and hood fit for a druidic ruler. It has roleplay written all over it, but I think I'll wear it instead of prim lashes. I'm wearing this with one of the meltingly shaded skins from Exodi (currently at Swan Song), and DoC Eldrich's Achariya outfit. The outfit had enough of a druidic look that it kinda sorta matches the headdress. One of the great things about Fade's hats is that you never have to worry about hair... (SLURL to Hat Mechanic)


(SLURLs here)
***Boots: Kurotsubaki feather boots brown
***Gloves: Schadenfreude from the Sepia Revenant dress
***Outfit: DE Designs Achariya - Brown
***Hat and cloak: Fade Dana Hat Mechanic King Bear
***Skin: Exodi Eden v2 Pepper (Crni Labud) ~ Swan Song
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