Monday, August 10, 2009

Records and shlongs


Last night I sent Winter a picture of myself in this outfit. "Am I nuts or does this work?" I asked. "It works," he said, so I posted it. Then we went on to discuss detachable penises, which is always a hilarious topic in Second Life. Isn't it a shame that male avatars have to buy something in order to be complete? It's as though the starting male avatar has that much farther to go before they can really walk around comfortably... It would be as though we all had to buy prim boobs! At any rate, for a little while last week I had two detachable penises in my inventory, neither one of them mine. ...Therein lies a story, but I'd better talk about clothing.

I'm wearing a new dress by ~momo~, the vinyl dress in butter. When she sent me the folder I thought, vinyl? Oh my, she really is changing her look! Then I put on the dress and giggled -- little vinyl records are printed across the fabric. The skin is a group gift from []TRAP[] that seemed to go perfectly (in a debauched clown sort of way), and the neat sculpted scarf is new from Plastik. (SLURL to ~momo~), the rest of the SLURLs below.


***Dress: ~momo~ vinyl dress in butter
***Socks: ~momo~ DoveSocksies Cream
***Tattoos: ~momo~ LovelySkulls tattoos
***Legwarmers/armwarmers: Curious Kitties Black Huache armwarmers
***Hair: Sari's Kami-sama dreads black
***Skin: []Trap[] JROCk group gift F
***Scarf: Plastik studded scarf WS pinstripe
***Shoes: Wishbox bridal maryjanes
***Eyes: Plastik Miliana charm

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Beanie Canning said...

Oh my God GIVE ME THAT SKIN!!!!!!

Fabulous outfit, fabulous look, Acha. You'z teh aaaaawezomez!