Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh, poop


Dove Swanson, the lovely woman smeared in shit (above), is throwing a Festivale-wide hunt named The greatest poop hunt of all time. I admit to you now that I'm not a huge fan of poop: I've put in three years of baby diapers, and I've seen it all. That being said, the quality of the poses (boy poses!) and hair (Tiny Bird hair!) and various other items (furniture! art! clothing!) made me trek over and ... scoop some poop. (SLURL to Festivale here -- the sim's probably slammed, just be patient.)

I admit that I gagged once or twice. I'm an imaginative person, and clicking on large steaming turds made me remember the dark years of pre-potty-trained child. However, the whole point of the hunt (Dove said) was to make people laugh -- at themselves, at Second Life, at first life. Fine! So I philosophically contemplated shit, and remembered these fine lines from Michael Franti:

Love is the shit that makes life bloom ~
You never know when you might step in it.

Despite my child's foul bottom, I love the kid. We even have a Thai endearment that refers to this: Thut Muk (stinky bottom). My mom still calls me this. Thanks for the trip down shit lane, Dove. (Or is it a trip up shit creek?)



Dove Swanson said...

Aww Ach, I'm just doing my part...bringing back memories of old, and only the best ones. :p


Thank you, dearie! <3

Serene Fairey said...

I was especially impressed with the detail of the giant floaty poos in the river. But the great brown smears everywhere made me grateful that SL doesnt have smell-o-vision.