Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not me: Sven Okonomi

Sven Okonomi

I'm having one of those days. Nothing was attaching at all, so I called in a guest-model for my blog. Sven showed up with this on his head. "Couldn't get any hair to attach," he said cheerfully. Sven so perfectly exemplified the kind of morning I'd been having that we photo'd anyway.

I start teaching tomorrow! I admit that I'm terrified, but then feel pretty confident about my ability. I'm bossy enough that worst comes to worst I'll just boss everyone around. :D That's teaching, right?


***Shirt: /artilleri/ stripe/navy lightblue bowling shirt
***Pants: Elephant outfitters male classic cargo's in gray
***Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit, pornstar hi-tops
***Bag: Mire, Gentleman's apparel, paper bag head. 9 faces!


Dawn said...

X3 Sven's such a nut. haha

Layne Jewell said...

Good luck with teaching tomorrow. =)