Monday, August 10, 2009

No pictures, just a question.

Hey designers and fellow bloggers (and anyone, really),

How important is naming your outfit? Say you make undies. If you call them "Desdemona Panties" (or something), would that give them a different feel from naming them "Plain White Panty #15" ?

My ponder is that names help us create context for designers' ideas. Like, if a plain black dress was named "Lolita in Black," I think I'd probably wear and accessorize it differently from a plain black dress named "Sleek 'n' sassy". Or perhaps I'm wrong...

What do you think? How important is an outfit's name?


Layne Jewell said...

I think after i buy it, its just another name to get lost in my inventory.IT does help if it had a killer name when im shopping though. Maybe something catchy i wouldnt lose in my inventory. But to kookie and you'll never find it again. (Not brand name.)To me, it kind of gives ya a peek into the creators mind. What they was thinking when they made it. Ive always snickered over snatchs name for things.

So does it matter? For me, id have to say yes. But i think a more important thing is why don't they put a picture of the outfit in the folder?? It takes like what 2 secs to drop the picture they used for advertisement in it. I spend most my time looking for something to wear cause you have to try everything on if you dont remember the name.

Ghanima Uriza said...

hi :)

personally I think the names of outfits are really important. I choose mine with love, mostly from books I am reading at the time I make the outfit (it is so amazing when somenoe asks me hey Ghani is this name form this book?).
I also agree with what Layne says about the pictures, adding them is necessary... mainly because people often ned to look at the picture to be able to adjust their outfits to their shapes.

Chic Aeon said...

I vote for memorable names. hO wEAr's outfit of the day was called Voodoo for example. I'm guessing that I will remember that. And as you say the name can influence me a bit if it has a "flavor" to it. In the Voodoo case, it didn't hurt that a voodoo doll came along with the dress and jewelry - LOL.

If the name fails to echo the energy of the outfit? Its not all that helpful. But in the case of a collection or set that is "different" it is a bonus.

And of course we ALL vote for pictures of the outfit in the folders. I like them best on the boxes that get transferred into the folders *wink*.

Smiles --

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you asked this...

Yes, the name is important. I have three things I like to see in an outfit name. 1) the store name or designer name, 2) outfit name, and 3) main color of outfit. Example: Gala Couture~Bliss Dress~Yellow... so, when you search, you can search by designer, color, etc. Sometimes I am looking for that perfect yellow top to go with my shorts.. maybe the dress top will work, but I will never find it if I can't search by color. I also like the idea of having the ad picture in their too.

So, the things I do as soon as I get an outfit are, put the designer/store name in the title and the color.. then I take a picture of me wearing it and drop it in the folder as well. Would sure be nice if those things were done already!

Belochka Shostakovich said...

Absolutely, yes to the importance of naming. Whether it's something like "Ffroufrou's Fantastic Fluff top" or "Total Pants Mud brown trousers" it makes it stick in my head over, say, the more sparse-sounding Black Dress No.14.

Literary allusions are a wonderful plus, but, basically if it gives an idea of the mood or style of the items it's nailed it for me.

Personally, I'm not that fussed over having a picture included in clothing folders as long as it has a distinctive name.

Alvena Weezles said...

It does help to have the store name and a brief description of the outfit in the name. BRIEF, ie, not more SHOPNAME-NAMEOFOUTFIT-COLOR.

I usually search for outfits in my inventory by shop names or the color that i want to wear for the day. But if the outfit's name is memorable, like, Anti-Neko Uniform, I'll search for it that way :P

Alyx Sands said...

I'm a sucker for allusions to books, songs, etc., and I love me a well-named piece of clothing...for a linguist, names like that can tell whole stories. Stuff with a name you can relate to will make it easier to remember in your huge inventory, too.
I don't mind missing pics, I usually delete the pics anyway if they aren't something really special-as soon as I have worn something, and it has a suitably memorable name, I'll remember it (my inventory is only 13k...I can cope with that, and it's not all clothes either). But my personal key to remembering an outfit is indeed a well-chosen name.

Draco Nacht said...

I try to name things in the way I'd prefer to have things named in my own inventory. Instead of "Nachtmusik" I put an nM in camel case in the hopes that people might remember that. After that, I'll come up with some name to create the atmosphere for the outfit, to give it context. Then I try to include what the item is (dress, shirt, pants) and the color.

When I'm looking for something, that's where I start. I didn't realize people used the ads enclosed, though, so I'll start doing that. People can always toss the images if they're not going to use it.