Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life's a...


Summer's ending. A few last weeks of play in the sun...and then done.


I want another whole summer of nothing to do...


***Hair: Schadenfreude Nekomi v fringe (fatpack version)
***Skin: Sweets Party Skin Kawaii Apricot
***Earrings, hairbow: Schadenfreude Electro-cute
***Shoes: UnTone Quilt Gladiator Shoes -- Augh! Where'd this store go?? this isn't it!
***Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ (apricot) birdie tattoos
***Shirt: Cubic effect suede half coat (brown)
***Panties: Schadenfreude electro-cute undies orange owl


Terry Toland said...

Same... I need to cram a lot of chores in. @_@

Belochka Shostakovich said...

A colourful time still to be had before Summer's end though. :)

About *UnTone Quilt* though. Sadly it looks as though both chocolat Yifu and Cocomitsu Mayo (of the cumu shop) closed their shops sometime June/July. I believe that chocolat has said she will not be making anything for sale in the near future. :(