Monday, August 17, 2009

I'll bleed like a reed


I'm watching the Vampire Knight anime with Nozomi. At one point I tilted my head and stared at the screen... The school uniforms looked so much like something I'd seen at a Japanese lolita shop... I popped into Canal Grande to see if it was there, and although it wasn't, quite a few of the outfits could've fit right into Eclipse Academy. Makes sense, eh? School uniforms feed into anime feed into Second Life...

ANYWAY. I'm not wearing anything pertaining to this right now. Nope. I'm wearing Ezura's new steampunk frock, the Captain Debello in copper. I like the proper, uptight sleeves that provide such a contrast to the tiny skirt, garters, and keyhole neckline... and the fabric's pretty too. (SLURL to Ezura.) I've also got on group gift hair from Junwave and group gift shoes from M'z -- if you don't stalk Beanie's blog, you should! The glasses are snitched from Amelia Book's gorgeous post about new offerings from primOptic -- they seemed to fit the mood very well. The eyes are new from Beloved, and I like the flinty texture of these.



(SLURLs here)
***Earrings, necklace: The Closet FeatherPendant / Earrings
***Boots: M'z BS-01 tongari boots (group gift)
***Tattoo: Huz - Henna Secret original faded
***Hair: Junwave GiftHair 2009
***Outfit: ezura Captain Debello Copper
***Eyes: Beloved Obsidian Eyes
***Skin: Plastik Miliana Cinnamonroll Gold
***Glasses: prim0ptic Steam glasses

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