Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy anniversary, Hal*Hina!


Everything that I'm wearing is from Hal*Hina's second anniversary lucky bag "D". I like them all, but the D bag -- skin, hair, dress, and shoes -- especially suits my avatar. I've always thought of Hal*Hina skins as having enormously impressive boob shading -- this generation of skins is toned down, which is good in its own way. The more delicate boob shading compliments the glossy tones of the makeup, and the whole avatar is so cute I want her to be in a shoujo manga. Oops -- the shoulder ruffles are from lucky bag "B". (You can find this at Hal*Hina -- in the square in front of the shop!)

The Lucky Bag sale ends Sunday at 23:59 JPT, according to Beanie.




Chance Greatrex said...

Wow love the pics, and that skin is amazing on you!

Auntykuro said...

thanks, chance! i like this skin too!