Friday, August 28, 2009

Go away cold


Pardon me while I stare at myself in boy-shape for a second... Ok, sparkly or not, this is a niiiice suit. Doc Eldritch made the Dark Wedding suit for people who might want a slightly less traditional wedding outfit, one that could be used for other occasions too. I think I'll keep boy-me in it to just...hang out. And garden. And...get perved on by myself. (Fine, I fail, I'm perving on my own male av. It's something about the bum-enhancing formal tails!)

You can see AnaLu looking sexy in the women's version of this suit over here.

The white shirt with shoulder sash totally reminds me of Luke Skywalker for some reason. I was always more of a Luke girl than a Han girl, so this works out just fine. There are other options -- a vest, a waist sash. Check them out for yourself at the store. (SLURL to Doc Eldritch Designs).


***Earrings: FlipSide earset2
***Piercings: FlipSide FF10 Piercings
***Skin: Den-Dou Vampire Skin -Light /Dawn1 & Vampire Eyes /Gold
***Hair: UncleWeb Rouvel Hair type-B size-S Angel Shine (CSR hair)
***Shoes: Mako Magellan's Wing Tip Shoes
***Outfit: Doc Eldritch Designs Dark Wedding

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Mourna Biziou said...

*humps boy-acha's leg*