Saturday, August 22, 2009

Float like a fairy, sting like a tequila shot?


This morning, my mother took me shopping at the Macy's back to school sale. We were there buying Boring Work Clothes, which are sadly useful for teaching (cardigans, button-downs, slacks). I did manage to avoid the high-waisted pants of doom, though. Whew. I'm not old enough to go to the geriatric pants place, despite being a teacher.

Today my avatar is posing around. With the amount of shopping I did earlier, I admit to piling on attachments until I looked right. Now I think I'm a harpy-sphinx-neko-dark elf, with Material Squirrel swallow wings and the ears and tail from Perturb/ation's store dollarbie set. Iunno. Mostly this post is about these lovely fairy poses from S.LOVE (which will be released here eventually). They're not made for this dress especially (hence the torso shots), but they're very evocative and lovely.

The outfit is new from Umi Usagi -- go check out the store, there are 16 lucky chairs out for the store's 2nd anniversary, including another color of this dress. The dress comes with white rose arm attachments, but I put on an awesome Perturb/ation set instead. (SLURL to Umi Usagi here).

(This pose is by AnaLu)


(SLURLS here)
***Eyes: Beloved Scheelite Eyes - Large
***Hair: Truth Olivia Ivory / Studio Sidhe hair ornament for Olivia - Sunset
***Skin: Plastik Halloween Skin Skeleton Dark (bones)
***Wings: Material Squirrel Inspired Sparrow Wings - White
***Socks: Sn@tch lolli socks ruffle white
***Shoes: G Field Platform Shoes Rosette black
***Armband (bracer): Perturb/ation ToRiCo armband
***Armband (upper arm): Perturb/ation ToRiCo armlet
***Choker: Perturb/ation ToRiCo chain choker
***Ears and tail: Perturb/ation store dollarbie rose ears and tail
***Dress: Umi Usagi bella donna white
***Leggings: ~momo~ net leggings black
***Poses: S.LOVES Faerie poses; that middle one is by AnaLu

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