Thursday, August 13, 2009

Berry and her booty

Strawberry Singh ♥

I decided to do Second Life a favor and photograph Strawberry Singh in swimwear. Then, when she was posing in my photo globe, I squinted at her... "Um. ...This is a weird question, but... Is your butt smaller than normal? Usually when I think of you, I think of like, amazing levels of booty."

Berry laughed and looked at her av. "Oh right, I made her bottom smaller to wear a system skirt. I can put it back if you like..." But I kind of like the look she has here. Berry said she doesn't normally do a more gothic look, so I think a streamlined Berry adds to the effect. Clearly all the cigarettes and late-night DJ gigs by Mourna have been hardening her up... *giggle*

The swimwear in question is one of the new Helena set by ~silentsparrow~ (SLURL here)


Credits for Berry:
***Skin: Dutch Touch; DUNe - Olive Mistic Blue by Iki Ikarus
***Eyes: Poetic Color; Quicksilver - medium by Lano Ling
***Eyelashes: Cake; Bedroom lashes - tintable by Stumbelina Ophelia
***Hair: !lamb; Breeze - Ink by Lamb Bellic
***Swimwear/Lingerie: silentsparrow; Helena swimsuit - rose by hyasynth Tiramisu
***Rosary Tattoo: [HUZ TATS}; Rosary Neck Tattoo by Hunain Bellic
***Leg Tattoo: [HUZ TATS]; Maori - Dark by Hunain Bellic
***Cigarette: Primitive Design; PD Cigarette - long ash by Geyer Schnyder
***Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] Stiletto by Limer Kosten
***Prim Nails: Candy Nail; #P024 Magic of Witch Black* by peche Bury
***Bracelets: *kraftika; No 306 Bracelets by Anuitka Barthelmess (LE.LOOK! Exclusive)
***Nosering: Nose Spiral Spiked Silver by Shaodan Lassard (no longer available)


Strawberry Singh said...

Love it! But srsly, my butt does look ridiculously small there.

/me goes to play with her sliders!


Ersatz Charisma said...
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Winter Jefferson said...

The Berry is beautiful no matter how much back she has.


Lokum Shilova said...

I love this blog seriously cute! Strawberry looks hot with her tiny peachey butt ;)

Catero said...

Berry's butt will always turn heads. <3