Friday, August 21, 2009

Alice in Neko


The other day, I posted a picture to Flickr, and a number of people thought that it was my take on Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It wasn't, but what a cool idea... I decided that every now and again, I'd do an interpretation of Alice. Today is Neko Alice with Steampunk Owl companion (a plushie by 713 Ayers, SLURL here). I'll probably be doing more takes on Alice, just because the figure is so iconic, a perfect cypher for our own childhoods. In my mind, Alice was canny enough to scale the pitfalls of darkness and sexuality, emerging unscathed due to her calm certainty in her own ability to reason and adapt. Go Alice go!

Side notes: Go check out Winter Jefferson's latest blog post. I'm just sayin'. That jealous betch Dahlindah totally beat me up yesterday! Also, the skin is a Mother Goose dollarbie, spotted in Beanie's blog.



***Dolly: 713 Ayers Dollie Pink Steampunk Owl
***Ears: Atomic V2 Neko Ear Pierced
***Eyes: Den-Dou Aqua-blue
***Hair: Find Ash Airraiz curl platinum blond
***Sleeves: SiniStyle Lilith Sleeves
***Mouth pierce: FlipSide Mouth attach 12
***Collar: Lazy Places Fishbones Collar-black
***Belt: Mania white belt small ~ Dark Eden
***Undershirt: ~silentsparrow~ from the (sea) how we quit the forest set
***Apron: *katat0nik* (white) Alice dress apron w/ blood
***Tails, shirt: Schadenfreude Blueberry sugar sugar
***Skin: Mother Goose's mary skin 1L
***Boots: Little Britain New Rock Neko black leather boots
***Pants: Schadenfreude white stripe pants in sea


Woody said...

wow this outfit is coool!!! Can you say my, where i found the short??? Many many thanks for help. Kya

Auntykuro said...

Thank you -- what can I help you find?

Woody said...
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Woody said...

ah, i have search the pants. i have it :) Many thanks :))