Thursday, July 30, 2009

You put the lime in the coconut


I feel unfaithful to Mourna, wearing this new dress from Sangre Noir (formerly Subtle Submission). I warned her about it. Hey Mourna, I said, there's a pretty dress that lets your hips hang out - I know it's your style. She got distracted by other pretty things, however, so here I am. I quite like the dark-on-dark textures, and the way the formal loin-cloth flows down from a tidy bodysuit. (SLURL to Sangre Noir)

Belochka poked me that Guild of Crie has out an incredible opera glass with associated AO. I went to look and sheepishly didn't have the funds for it, but I did snap up this Dark Knight Clock monocle. I feel so posh and Edwardian here, all set to view a crime scene or scrutinize a pretty face. I'm wearing it with the new Zelly mohawk from Schadenfreude. With the bevy of colors in the fatpack, it's hard not to tint it orange with blue ends, but I restrained myself. On my neck and ears, pretty "languid goth" jewelry by Sn@tch, and on my feet SLink pumps. These are the sorts of shoes that one must tint to match one's skin, so don't look too closely at my tinting. The shoes are beautiful; my tinting work can always use practice.



(SLURLs here)
***Skin: Nomine Dogwitch - violet grimm skin
***Monokel: Guild of Crie Monokel (dark-knight clock)
***Tattoos: HUZ henna secret-original-faded
***Outfit: Sangre Noir 2
***Hair: Schadenfreude Zelly
***Shoes: SLink rose pumps
***Jewelry: Sn@tch languid gothic jewelry


Froggy bought a coconut, she bought it for a dime... Bonus Photo! Look at the completely fantastic froggy outfit that Fade Dana put out! It comes with bangs for those who don't want to go hairless, and a hoppy walk AO. (You can find it here.)


Noirran Marx said...

It looks beautiful on you Achariya, thank you for posting it :)

Belochka Shostakovich said...

Ohh, haha, I forgot all about the opera glasses. :) The monocle is stunning though and it rocks with the look you've put together.

Anonymous said...

:O at both of those looks, but the black is just truly stunning. You always put together such amazing, unexpected ensembles.

Mourna Biziou said...

hehehe, it's fair game. I didn't have time to get to it yet. I'm so sloooooow. And besides, it looks so utterly fantastic on you.