Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday church outfit? Hrm


I'm still going through the inventory that I acquired when I picked up and moved from Athens to Orlando, and stumbled across this gorgeous blogger gift from Ivalde. It's the Gunda dress in a great magenta leopard-print, and my avatar went totally rockabilly with it. Ivalde is having a Flickr contest for vintage wear -- information here!

I'm wearing it with a DSN gift, a nosering from Gore RP Collars. I tried to visit the shop and realized that I can't because I'm not age-verified! Edit: Sweet, now I am, thanks Keira.

I also added a posture collar from one of the Sn@tch sets, and a pair of Maitreya pumps. I was pondering to myself that I need more diversity in my wicked-looking gothy pump collection -- I love the ones I have, but I'm always up for new-to-me shops! Feel free to poke me with recommendations. :D


(SLURLs here!)
***Collar: from the Sn@tch grace under pressure outfit
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - vamp black
***Shoes: Maitreya Mishima dawn - liquorice
***Outfit: Ivalde Gunda Leo
***Nose ring: GRP Collars Manadrop gold (slurl here)
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Klaar in black
***Tattoo: I (heart) Rien - Retro Hotties Tattoo


Unknown said...

Hi Achariya,

age verification can be done on the the Second Life webiste.

Log into your account, then you find a link on the left hand side "Age Verification".

You can then verify your age with ID card, passport, drivers license, etc.

Auntykuro said...

Thanks very much, Keira! I'm all verified now. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I really love that hair. And you'd definitely be the coolest lady at the church!

Auntykuro said...

noam is amazing. all the gritty kitty stuff is.

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic. I love the detailing.