Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PSA for Ana!

Outfit by Sh*t Happens

Ana Boogiewoogie of Sh*t Happens is opening a mall! If you are interested, contact her. She writes:

Okay, so Ana has alot of free time on her hands, and is thinking about investing in a sim and setting up a mall space. The buying process will get sped up if I get a lot of interested people willing to rent there, which is the main purpose for sending out this notecard. Some background info: I created and managed a mall before (LAME). I would be creating a new mall on the sim that would follow the concept of the LAME, with small - large stores and mainstores. I will be throwing events, parties, and freebie-fairs to help gain traffic.

If you're interested please contact Ana Boogiewoogie for a more detailed notecard. :]


Anonymous said...

cute hair LOL

Auntykuro said...

thankee lizzie. yeah, kin, can't beat kin.