Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A picture and a story


This is how I spent my SLevening. I surfed Beanie (for dollarbie skins) and Recessionista (for group gift hair, this has become one of my new favorite blogs) and ended up somewhere with an intriguing sign. "NEXT FREE" it read. Suddenly I was on a non-hunt hunt for "NEXT FREE", heading into the hinterlands of Japanese sims. The theory seems to be that the "NEXT FREE" sign lurks above the free stuff in a shop. If you click the sign, you go to the next participating vendor's free stuff section. What's not to love?

I saw some awesome stuff, including the jewelry store Mocorin. I love Mocorin! It has an enormous robot bed with fourteen poses that I so almost bought. It also has this boot necklace and robot gum -- the necklace is part of the slice of summer hunt, and the gum thingie is a dollarbie item. Even more important than stuff, I got to meet a bunch of nice Japanese people sitting around a cafe talking about the solar eclipse. Imagine, I wouldn't have even known there was one if I hadn't gone on this random journey...

Here's a starting point to the "NEXT FREE" trip. [ SLURL HERE ] (If this doesn't work, click on the door below 'Nah Dollarbie!' at the sim center. :p )

***Tattoo: Daisuki tattoo sunflower
***Hair: Fuel Dotty crazy cute hair - subscribo gift
***Necklace: mocorin rain boots slice of summer gift
***Mouth danglie: mocorin robokun gum
***Dress: Likka*House patsy dress - dark blue, lucky board gift
***Skin: Nah!skin_06 dollarbie

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