Wednesday, July 29, 2009



I'm still up to my earballs in Rezzables Swan Song dresses, so when I took them off I threw on another nerdy outfit. This was inspired by these knickers from SMS. I remember when I was ten, getting my first pair of knickers from my mom. They were purple velvet, and had buckles at the knee, and I wore those to DEATH. (God knows why knickers were in style in the 80s.) When I saw these at SMS, I had to pick them up. The shirt is a new one from ~momo~, and isn't typical of her style at all -- it's distressed with muted colors and a ripped hemline, definitely a different direction for her clothing.

The hair is the Waka & Yuki watermelon gift, the socks are neato ones from Noju (another nod to Beanie's blog for introducing me to this store), and I'll talk about the cool shoes at some other point when I've taken a better picture of them. O, and my glasses are totally reflecting pr0n. 8D


(SLURLs here)
***Skin: fashionably dead bird skin tiny words
***Glasses: Gritty Kitty honig glasses
***Shoulder bag: from Plod *cry* no longer in existence
***Shrug: ~silentsparrow~ blood shruggie
***Socks: from noju's akazukin dress
***Shoes: Sn@tch baby janes - stripes
***Hair: W&Y hair - slice of summer
***Pants: So Many Styles used capris purple
***Shirt: ~momo~ loveMusic top in grape

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Anonymous said...

You look nederific and are so rockin' those glasses.