Friday, July 31, 2009

I vill conquer Earth!


I've been trying my best to pin down Fade Dana's design aesthetic. I showed my husband these pictures this morning and said, "Is it WWII pinup villain, like Irina Spalko from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?" "Nah," said Dave, "It's more pulp Martian." I think I'll narrow the style down to Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles, mixed up with a bit of Bettie Page. Edit: D'oh. The helmet is called Octopussy, so I'm clearly a Bond girl.

I'm impressed. This is eating my head, yet it's still sexy. It's the Octopussy helmet in green, and I'm wearing it with the zip-up frogsuit from Fade's Amphibiac outfit. I think that the perfect skin for this comes from MiaSnow -- bright lips against a nice gold skintone for that otherworldly look.



***Skin: MiaSnow Goldess
***Outfit: from Fade Dana Hat Mechanic Amphibiac outfit (SLURL here)
***Hat and collar: Fade Dana Hat Mechanic Octopussy in green (SLURL here)


Serene Fairey said...

ribbit ... er i mean squelch ... hmm. Hard to categorize. I see what you mean :)

Terry Toland said...

It's Sergeant Frog meets Ten Thousand Leagues Under the Sea with a dash of sexay. XD <3

And yes, you have to look up Sergeant Frog. :P