Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bloodiest Sparrow: Nivaya Barbosa

Nivaya Barbosa won "Bloodiest Sparrow"

Earlier I posted one of the three Bloodiest Sparrow winners, Terry Toland. Now we have what might be the inverse of Terry's outfit -- Nivaya Barbosa in various bits and pieces of ~silentsparrow~ gear. Red and black, Niv mixed up pieces to get a unique look, and topped it with the new birdie tattoos in cherry.

"Doesn't it look like the birds are pecking at my blood?" Niv said macabrely.

***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations - Shannon - Blood
***Shoes: Shiny Things - hyasynths (black)
***Skirt: silentsparrow (roses) Grimley - Lolita
***Top: silentsparrow (ash) Maida Suite - Corset Jacket Layer
***Under: silentsparrow (ivory) Seraph corset
***Tattoos: silentsparrow (cherry) Birdie Tattoos
***Skin: Nomine - China White WL Torn Bloody 4

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