Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bloodiest Sparrow: Aisuru Reiko

"Bloodiest Sparrow" Aisuru Reiko

Aisuru is one of those self-effacing types who denies that she deserves anything, but I think the expressiveness of her almond eyes alone wins this prize. "BLOOD," she seems to be thinking. (Okay, probably not.) Aisuru Reiko is the last winner of last night's "Bloodiest Sparrow" contest. I really like the dark-on-dark and the mixture of different pieces of ~silentsparrow~ clothing with other designers, making the look very cabaret noir. (Also see Nivaya's look and Terry's look.)

***Skin: Sn@tch Velvet Matte Bloodlust (Fed)
***Hair: Little Heaven-Suzune black, dark
***Eyes: Poetic Color-Night Rain, large
***Shirt: Silent Sparrow-Gutter Glitter Half-top in Gloom
***Corset: Jaywalk-Analeigh, black
***Shorts: Shop Seu, sho-pan
***Skirt: Silent Sparrow-Nephilim Skirt with bow, ash
***Stockings: League, Ella stockings, black
***Shoes: Sn@tch, Baby Jane, stripes, grey
***Blood: Silent Sparrow birthday massacre blood shirt (present from party)
***Hat: Illusion-Carrol Top Hat


Bonus photo! Aisuru stayed for a cup of tea.
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