Saturday, July 25, 2009

Black widow or perfect lolita?


After completely cheesing out on yesterday's photoshopping due to gauzy fabric, what should I notice today but my old nemesis hanging out in a pretty waist ruffle on the SLink Black Widow dress. This dress came out for the RFL clothing fair, and I recently revisited it because it has such a classic, gorgeous line. The gauze is simply there to teach me about karma, I'm sure -- If thou dost wiggle out of a life lesson, it will keep coming back until you learn it. Or something. Ah well, the dress is gorgeous. I'm also in the free hair from Junwave.

(You might note that I still didn't do a good job. I simply photographed against white and fuzzed out the figure borders so that it looks like I intended to stroke the edges with white. Yeah, that's what I meant to do... I'm still trying to teach myself masking.) Tonight, I am taking pretty boy Acha to the ~silentsparrow~ party (6 - 11 PM SLT, teleporter at the main shop), all dressed up in blood and bandages.


***Tattoos: HUZ Henna secret - black faded
***Skin: Nomine ultralight marionetta
***Dress: SLink black widow dress in black
***Hair: Junwave Vivi red gift
***Legwarmers: Sn@tch slick leather flare legs
***Collar: SiniStyle posture collar
***Earrings: Violet Voltaire kawaii cameo earrings - skull
***Hair bow: um, something random from tukinowaguma
***Shoes: Unique Needs Dolly Goth Mary Janes


Bonus photo! Adorable furniture from eMeW, Bubbly Shelves and baskets of cute stuff! (SLURL to the shop here.)

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Siddean said...

hahaha Sorry about the gauze, but I love the fuzzy effect, it's very soft and ethereal :D