Friday, July 3, 2009

Bandanna day


Oops, it's bandanna day! I admit that I completely forgot until after I'd photographed myself in this outfit, and then I scrambled for something appropriate. *cough* Moving-house-brain aside, I am happy to honor this day because I've watched several close family members endure chemotherapy (my stepmother, my mother-in-law), and I've seen their grace as they've dealt with the results.

My mother-in-law took to wearing amazing hats -- large and red and lovely. When her hair grew back after treatment she kept the hats as dress-up items for my daughter, turning something sad into something joyful.

The hair I'm sporting is new from Gritty Kitty, called Cain. I adore the v-bangs and the choppy back, and if my hair were remotely straight or bidable I'd have this haircut IRL. The dress is a pretty creation from Vanitas Vesture -- I really like the sleek yet light line and the carefully drawn fabric, a perfect summer dress.


(SLURLs here)
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - Mourna Black
***Ears: Kalico Kreations sculptie ears blotched black/red
***Tattoos: Hybrid Stripes Tattoos - not open just now, but will be soon.
***Jewelry: MEZZO Arabesque necklace and bangle (SLURL here)
***Shoes: Gbberish Vintage Heels (topaz) (SLURL here)
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Cain black
***Dress: Vanitas Vesture Flute Scribbly Dress - black (SLURL here)
***Bandana: (from x-street) *Zion Kreations* Pirate Hat and Bandana w/beads

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Anonymous said...

Love your look! Thank you for blogging Vanitas Vesture (hugs)