Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another summer Sunday


Another Sunday, another struggle with the chibi about what to wear. So far she's brought out: A nightgown. A princess dress-up dress. A dress she wore when she was 18 months old. Now she's standing in her underpants in the middle of a wardrobe packed with pretty pink outfits, saying that she has nothing to wear. ...It starts so young...

I'm in a few new items -- this skin is something I picked up from the Harajukubox skin fair; it comes with the ears and tail. (And hah, I photo'd a few times and randomly thought, hmmm, the drapes [my hair] don't match the carpet [the tail], do they...) I'm wearing it with a skirt and shirt so tiny they might as well be meant for neko-style, the new Marloes outfit from Zenith.

I almost forgot to mention the most awesome hair and jewelry! If you wanted jewelry to match Schadenfreude's electro-cutie set, here it is -- the cameos are texture-changing to jive with the entire set of dresses and ties. SO COOL. The hair is new too, Schadenfreude's Boon-mee (this is a Korean word, but I haven't checked to see what it means yet). I like the Pippi Longstockings quality of the pigtails, and the pointy bangs.

I'm sleepy and cranky today; maybe I'll send my neko-av to church instead of going myself...


***Shoes: DV8 steam kitteh - claret
***Bracelet 1: Zenith wristband 03
***Outfit: Zenith Marloes
***Skin, hair, ears: Bounce female neko (stripes) red, from the Harajukubox skin fair
***Hair: Schadenfreude Burgundy Boon-mee
***Jewelry: Schadenfreude electro-cute jewelry set


Bonus photo! Last night was hyasynth's fourth rezday party. It was a lot of fun, and all the pretty people can be seen in the ~silentsparrow~ flickr group over here. Terry, Nivaya and Aisuru won the "Bloodiest Sparrow" contest, and I'll be poking you for your featured spots. :D

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