Tuesday, June 16, 2009

!!Wild O, ~silentsparrow~ sale.


So there I was, checking SLURLs for the awesome SLURL compendium that I finally got off my butt to join, when I found myself in the middle of a small Japanese party! I was at !!Wild O, and the designers were dancing in front of the shop because it's their one year anniversary! Sad me, I've only just discovered this shop due to the Albero Accessories Fair, but once there I decided to snoop around.

I discovered unbearable cuteness in the form of this strict and mannered hair, and a lot of lush flower 'hats' as well as adorable lolita ones. Not only that, but the designer gave me a one year anniversary present, the spiderweb you see below. I whipped out my best google-translator and wished her a happy anniversary. -- Go visit !!Wild O!, the hair and hats are absolutely worth a look. [Store SLURL here]



[ All SLURLs are now here at this awesome compendium of SLURLs -- please sign up to help keep this list up to date! ]

***Gloves and stockings: Rotten Toe Long rotten stockings n gloves
***Shorts: Rotten Toe cutie shorts diamond - turcoise
***Tank: Dark Eden black kanji tank moss 2
***Hair: Wild 0 Otomehair B1
***Hair accessories: Wild O Stonez 01 emonkey mix;
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White esoterica sleepthief black
***Boots: SiniStyle stealth boots
***Necklace: /Fuel/ Heart felt key
***Lipring: A&M Shut Up! Piercing - key
***Tattoo: Isle's Tattoo Asian Tattoo 3
***Bracelet: Dark Mouse Lotus Flower & Bamboo Bangles


Bonus Photo! Why is the ~silentsparrow~ sim so full, hrm? It's cause hyasynth is selling the whole store (almost) at 50% off. 0_0 Including new releases. 0_0. [Store SLURL here]


Anonymous said...

OMG i tried to find this store the other day and for the life of me could not find it! I even asked in the fashion bloggers and got *crickets*, LOL.

Unknown said...

love the hair and the accessories!