Tuesday, June 16, 2009

White lace and ruffles


I woke up in Second Life this morning and blinked. I was in a darker skin than usual (hm, a pretty group gift from Pink Fuel) and lingerie. "Oh right," I thought to myself, "I was cleaning out my 'objects' folder." I am not a big one for buying lingerie -- it's a personal failing. I'm bad at it IRL too, and tend to get the boring sixpacks of cotton granny panties, ya know? But DSN has once again expanded my horizons. I thought that this delicate white set would be lovely under an Edelweiss lolita dress, so I'm giving you a peek at what my av is wearing beneath her outfit today. (Thanks, DSN!)

I also really like the way the prim skirt on this Edelweiss dress fits together -- neat and tidy and nicely tucked. I bought the dress for myself accidentally when I was trying to outfit Mourna for my Rezzables series on lolita style (so far, Mourna, Ellantha and Elusyve have posed for me in different lolita genres), and quite like it.


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***Shoes: G Field platform shoes rosette white
***Skin: Pink Fuel Raine-Chai-Watermelon Kiss (lt brow/freck) - group gift
***Pierce: Ommik Skull Nosebridge - DSN sample
***Lingerie: Insolence Dolores white - DSN sample
***Hair: TekuTeku flow (jet black)
***Dress: Edelweiss Merril - white
***Hat: !!WILD O Bouquet hat

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