Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stalking outfit


I had a fun day stalking the ~silentsparrow~ sale. I'd had a feeling that a lot of good friends would wander through there, so I lingered and photo'd, totally lagging up the sim while people shopped. This is what I wore today. I put it together in the early morning, standing around with Severina and Sanpierre and sorting inventory while they discussed travel. Northern Europe during the heat of the summer...sounds really lovely, doesn't it?

Then, I spent some time twinking out my lucky chair alts with items from the ~silentsparrow~ sale! After playing around with various alts, I got a notice about the Nomine 100L skin sale (on various fantasy skins), and logged all my alts in again... now they look positively cool. I especially like the Leanansidhe skins, and the Geisha ones. [ Head to Nomine ! ]

Oh, I'd been meaning to send out a thank you to the lovely Love/Hate blog for pointing out the group gift corset at Rotten Toe. This blog is one of my new favorites, and I really enjoy the shops that they point me to.


I painstakingly went through and updated the links on the site -- if you can't find it, eliminate the random !! or :: or ** in the shop name and look again. [ SLURL page ! ] [ Also, everyone should join and help maintain this. Imagine how much easier it would be if we had this central resource. :D ]

***Lip ring: ellabella tricog lip lovin'
***Scarf: The Closet hempscarf brown
***Hair: WILD O yomege! mix
***Corset: Rotten Toe Long Rotten Corset group gift
***Shirt: ~silentsparrow~ gutter glitter top in (gloom)
***Pants: Curious Kitties black stitch pants
***Earrings: Dark Mouse DM Lotus Flower & Bamboo Earring
***Shoes: G Field Wedge Platform Shoes "Dorothy" black
***Tattoos: Bleeding Ink Tattoos Henna A: RFL
***Socks: Gbberish** Amelie Tights lower (blossom)
***Bracelet: So Many Styles Shell Bangle Black-Pink
***Skin: Nomine WL Leanansidhe female - black


Cajsa Lilliehook said...

I love you Achariya!!!!

Lokum Shilova said...

OHH Wow what a great awesome look

Auntykuro said...

cajsa -- heh, thanks, i'll be promoting this a lot.

lokum - :D thanks. cool skin isn't it?

Wrenja said...

Aw geeze Thanks so much Achariya, we at L/H <3 you guys too!

Auntykuro said...

*g* there's actually just one of me, wrenja. winter and terry simply use my blog to get onto the fp feed. hehe.