Monday, June 8, 2009

Schadenfreude Nekomi hair!


One of my favorite hairs is newly out for everyone to enjoy -- Schadenfreude's Nekomi. Back before it was released it was called "messy ponytails," and I wore it in posts despite the fact that I was simply teasing everyone. I was expecting the hair folder to be vast, knowing how many options Allegory likes to include -- and then blinked. All of the hair colors for the fatpack are neatly encased in a hud. If you want to buy smaller amounts of hair, you can buy packs of five. I love the dual-color options, although the hair also comes in monochrome. *shakes head* AWESOME JOB, ALLE.

There are two other new hairs available today too -- Fairuza (I used it to post my paeon to Ivalde, here) and an update to the utterly adorable Veronique mohawk. The skin is by Tacky Star, and I'm continuing to love this small new skin shop.


***Earrings: Canimal - Flesh Tunnel Earrings
***Shoes: Curious Kitties kawan Boots
***Tattoo: Isle's Ink Tribal Full Body
***Pants: Curious Kitties Black Stitch Pants
***Bracelets: Curious Kitties group gift Gothic Flower Bound Bracelets
***Hair: Schadenfreude nekomi v fringe
***Skin: Tacky Star Kitsune
***Tank: ~momo~ uma tank butter


Allegory Malaprop said...

psst- smaller packs aren't on a HUD, HUDness is just for the demos so you can see everything! Nekomi is just simple touch/dialog for the options, and the rest just come with evvvverything (I almost did HUDs on the smaller packs...but was already going insane trying to get everything together, so thought better of it!)

Auntykuro said...

D'oh. Thanks alle, edited the post, shoulda checked first. :D

Mourna Biziou said...

You look great. I love the treatment on these pics.