Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paper towels; cream; OJ...


I saw this dress posted on the Yabusaka blog and headed straight to the RFL Fashion Expo to get it. I love the lolita length of the skirt and the flower embellishments -- perfect for boots, which is fortuitous because TESLA's new Angelina boots are out. (Does Angelina really wear boots like this? Her poor toes must be so blistered; good thing our avatars aren't wired with sensation eh?) I love the tightness of the calf and the way the shoe is constructed -- the part that you see is one long piece that attaches to the calf so that it all fits sleekly.

I'm wearing it with more tattoos that I found at RFL, henna tats from Bleeding Ink, and newly retooled Veronique hair from Schadenfreude. My av can go traipsing down the yellow brick road while I...well, go grocery shopping.


***Nails: MIASNOW nails lolli green
***Earrings, bracelet: Kunstkammer silver hoops with black drops/Romantigoth bracelet stack
***Dress: G Fields Emerald City Girl Dress - Fashion Expo LE
***Boots: TESLA Angelina boots - black
***Tattoo: Bleeding Ink Tattoo Henna B
***Skin: Sweets Party SPskin Kawaii apricot
***Hair: Schadenfreude Veronique
***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Aurum (large)


Winter Jefferson said...

I rather wish our avs WERE wired for sensation. And I'm sure that my girl does too...

Heh heh...

walkin wardrobes said...

very interest use of green

walkin wardrobes said...

very interest use of green