Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nomine Esoterica skins

Nomine Sylvan China White - esoterica lorelei purple

I'm going to be short on words and let these pictures speak for themselves. Nomine has released (for a limited time) a number of gorgeous skins -- the Nomine Sylvan China White - Esoterica collection. There are four makeups with four colors each, and they all give the kind of lush attention to the eye and lip that Nomine is known for. The body shading is delicate and sexy too, causing my daughter to say "Mommy. Put her shirt on." You can see the gorgeous Mourna in the Jem-Purple skin here! (SLURL to Nomine.)

Lorelei in Purple (above), Black, Blue and Pink:

loreleiblack loreleiblue

loreleipink arseshot

Sleep Thief in Red, Purple, Pink and Black:

sleepthiefred sleepthiefpurple

sleepthiefpink sleepthiefblack

Jem in Red, Purple, Pink and Blue:

jemred jempurple

jempink jemblue

Aolean in Purple, Red, Blue and Black:

aoleanpurple aoleanred

aoleanblue aoleanblack

***Skins: Nomine Sylvan China White skins (SLURL HERE)
- esoterica aeolian black, blue, pink, purple
- esoterica jem blue, pink, purple, red
- esoterica lorelei black, blue, pink, purple
- esoterica sleepthief black, pink, purple, red
***Hair: /artilleri/ chrissy *black*
***Wrappings: from the ~silentsparrow~ (rust) aconite suit
***Jewelry: [NC] pendant07 wings and earring wings
***Pasties: Dark Eden Black Pasties (shirt layer)


Hethr Engel said...

JEM! Those are great!!

Heather said...

oops wrong gmail I thought that one said my name.

Auntykuro said...

:D -- i know, the Jem ones are teh awesome, although I kind of love the Lorelei.